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Thanks everyone!! [03 Jul 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Oh wow. It's done! *sigh of relief* The challenge is over, and lookit how many wonderful fics there are! *marvels*

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who participated! You all rock! Thanks to jesslotr for the gorgeous graphics and beautiful formatting. You're a marvel, darling. And thanks to carolinecrane who answered me when I asked "What shall I do with an lj name of postcoital if I were to claim it.

Here's the full list of participants, in all their glory, by fandom.

Actor RPSCollapse )

Big Wolf on CampusCollapse )

CSICollapse )

EroicaCollapse )

The FacultyCollapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

Hockey RPSCollapse )

jake 2.0Collapse )

LOTR FPSCollapse )

LOTR RPSCollapse )

NASCAR RPSCollapse )

The OCCollapse )

PopslashCollapse )

Sam & MaxCollapse )

SmallvilleCollapse )

TroyCollapse )

Van Helsing RPSCollapse )

Yes, MinisterCollapse )

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Old Dogs--Jo--Van Helsing RPS--Hugh Jackman/Dave Wenham [02 Jul 2004|11:54pm]
Title: Old Dogs
Author: Jo (jo@fadedink.com)
Fandom: Van Helsing RPS
Pairing: Hugh Jackman/Dave Wenham
Rating: PG13
Summary: Hugh & Dave both know an interesting trick.
Disclaimer: Nope, never happened. And if you think it did, well...I suggest you go look up the word "fiction" in the nearest dictionary.
Archive: Faded Ink, postcoital, all others ask first.
Author's Notes: For the postcoital challenge and for the lovely ladymoonray's birthday!

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Solo--crimsonspin--Savage Garden--Karl Lewis/Lee Novak [02 Jul 2004|12:23pm]
Title: Solo
Author: crimsonspin
Fandom: Popslash/Savage Garden
Pairing: Karl Lewis/Lee Novak and Karl by himself (Karl was Savage Garden's drummer during their two tours before, sadly to some, me included, Daniel Jones quit to pursue other areas of music and Darren Hayes went out on his own. Karl now plays for another Australian group, though Lee Novak still plays bass for Darren.)
Rating: NC-17 for hot solo dildo-sex and lots of f-bombs and wicked thoughts
Disclaimer: This is FICTION. It never happened. It is all a figment of my imagination. No Harm is intended, I don't know these boys, know nothing of their sexual preferences (and, I doubt seriously Karl was ever so submissive as I've portrayed him here, but hey, it's my fantasy)
Note: This was written for the postcoital challenge. Thanks Sparky for the suggestions on tweaking. I like this much better.

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Cause and Effect--Tara O'Shea--jake 2.0--DuMont/Warner [02 Jul 2004|10:57am]
Title: Cause and Effect
Author: Tara O'Shea
Fandom: jake 2.0
Pairing: DuMont/Warner
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: jake 2.0 and all related elements, characters and indicia © Roundtable Entertainment and Viacom Productions, Inc., 2003. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright Roundtable Entertainment and Viacom Productions, Inc.

Cause and EffectCollapse )
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In the Moment--alexajones22--Harry Potter--Harry/Hermione [02 Jul 2004|10:52am]
Title: In the Moment
Author: alexajones22
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hermione ponders about her relationship with

***Collapse )
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Small Kill--Amber--Actor RPS--Ted Raimi/Bruce Campbell [02 Jul 2004|10:48am]
Title: Small Kill
Author: Amber
Fandom: Actor RPS
Pairing: Ted Raimi/Bruce Campbell
Rating: R
E-mail: sacredlustsandfear@yahoo.com
Web page: http://www.slashfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?uid=910
Archive: Sure, let me know where it goes though.
Summary: The first time, perhaps the last time.
Feedback: Is much appreciated.
Warnings: RPS, Ted is underage (17) in the first portion.
Notes: This has no continuity with my other Ted and Bruce stuff (which can be found at tedandbruce.

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Visuals--Ink Gypsy--LOTR RPS--Sean/Elijah [02 Jul 2004|10:12am]
Title: Visuals
Author: Ink Gypsy
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: Sean Astin/Elijah Wood
Rating: PG-13
Prompt Words: link, post-it note, mirror
Disclaimer: I don’t know the real people whose lives I have fictionalized in this story, nor do I have any knowledge of their true sexual orientations. But if wishing could make it so…

Dedication: To Keye. Without your encouragement and support, this story would have been abandoned as a lost cause. Thanks, love. I wish I believed in me as much as you do.

VisualsCollapse )
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Inside the Tent--Christiane--Actor RPS--Peter O'Toole/Omar Sharif [29 Jun 2004|11:05pm]
Title: Inside the Tent
Author: Christiane
Fandom: Actor RPS
Pairing: Peter O'Toole/Omar Sharif--set on the set of "Lawrence of Arabia"
Rating: R

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After the Glow--danachan--LOTR--various [29 Jun 2004|10:45pm]
Title: After the Glow
Author: Dana (songofvarda@hotmail.com) (danachan)
Fandom: LOTR
Pairings: Frodo/Merry/Pippin, Marigold/Rosie, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Éowyn and Faramir/Pippin
Rating: R/NC17
Summary: The afterglow - five moments
Warnings: Some sexual content, implications of sexual content, schmoop, attempt at humor, slash, het, and femslash, interspecies

Author's Notes: Five moments that can't be called connected; after the sex. (Beta by sparktastic . Thank you!)
Disclaimer: The author makes no claim to owning the rights of anything to do with J.R.R. Tolkien or New Line Cinema. Any and all characters and situations that have been borrowed are for the author's personal use only, and for the entertainment of others.

In Between SleepCollapse )

The HayloftCollapse )

Counting StarsCollapse )

Measuring UpCollapse )

That's ItCollapse )
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End of Days--carolinecrane--Big Wolf on Campus--Lori/Becky [29 Jun 2004|10:12pm]
Title: End Of Days
Author: Caroline
Fandom:Big Wolf on Campus
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: All lies. No charge.
Summary: The end of summer brings changes Becky isn't ready to face.
Author's note: Technically this fits into an ongoing Lori/Becky universe-type-thing, but (I hope) it stands on its own as well.

******Collapse )
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Fire and Ashes--shirasade--Troy--Achilles/Patroclus [29 Jun 2004|10:03pm]
Title: Fire and Ashes
Author: shirasade
Fandom: Troy/Homer mix
Pairing: Achilles/Patroclus
Rating: R
Website: dancing about architecture, fiction
Feedback: Always welcome!
Warning: Slash (m/m), as well as canonical death.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine except the story. All credit goes to Wolfgang Petersen and Homer, for creating a world and people for me to play with.
Note: For the postcoital challenge. My first attempt at Troy slash - hope I didn't mess it up too badly...
Beta: Many thanks to loadedsixstring.

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A Little Gay--clumsygyrl--Popslash--Chris/Joey [29 Jun 2004|09:57pm]
Title: A Little Gay
Author: clumsygyrl
Fandom: Popslash/ *Nsync
Pairing: Chris/Joey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Don’t know if they did it. They could have, but you’d have to ask them. But then again, they’re probably dirty liars anyway. If I’m making money on this, I’ve yet to see it.

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Q & A--clumsygyrl--LOTR RPS--Orlando/Elijah [29 Jun 2004|09:56pm]
Title: Q & A
Author: clumsygyrl
Fandom: LoTRips
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don’t own either. Don’t know if they have sex. But if they did, I’d appreciate pictures. No money being made. Sue me if you wish, but all you’ll get is my collection of Pez dispensers.

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His Hands--helsinkibaby--CSI--Sara/Warrick [29 Jun 2004|09:51pm]
Title: His Hands
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Warrick
Rating: PG13
Feedback: Makes my day
Disclaimer: If it was in the show, it's not mine.
Archive: At my site Checkmate (http://helsinkibaby.ahkay.net) , Fanfiction.net; anywhere else, please ask.
Summary: Sara loves Warrick’s hands
Notes: For the LiveJournal post-coital challenge. Didn’t use the prompt given – bad me.

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That Thing--i_amthecosmos--Big Wolf on Campus--Merton/Tommy [27 Jun 2004|11:00am]
Title:“That Thing”
Author: i_amthecosmos
Fandom:Big Wolf on Campus
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, if I did they’d still be on the air and Merton and Tommy would be engaged. So there. No harm meant, no profit made.

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"Yes, Minister?"--dougs--Yes, Minister--Sir Humphrey/Jim [26 Jun 2004|05:50pm]
Title: "Yes Minister?"
Author: dougs
Fandom: Yes Minister
Pairing: Sir Humphrey/Jim, implied Bernard/Jim
Rating: PG

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Making a Mark--yavannauk--SV--Clex [26 Jun 2004|12:01pm]
Title - Making A Mark
Author - Karen Colohan (yavannauk)
Fandom - Smallville
Pairing - Clark/Lex
Rating - R
Disclaimer - Not mine, I couldn’t afford the motor and household insurance bills. I promise I’ll scrub them down and give them back to DC comics, the WB and anyone else who does own a slice of them when I’m done with them.
Author’s notes - Written for the postcoital challenge, using the prompt ‘traced the outline of their shape with one finger’. With thanks to Barbara for betaing.

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Surrender--yavannauk--Eroica--Dorian/Klaus [26 Jun 2004|11:59am]
Title - Surrender
Author - Karen Colohan (yavannauk)
Fandom - Eroica
Pairing - Dorian/Klaus
Rating - PG-13
Disclaimer - From Eroica With Love and its characters is the copyright of Yasuko Aoike and Princess Comics and no infringement is intended.
Author's notes - Written for the postcoital challenge, using the prompts drawer, paw and incense. With thanks to Barbara for betaing.

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Those Sweet Words--sheesusnat--Hockey RPS--Rostislav Klesla/Rick Nash [26 Jun 2004|11:58am]
Title: Those Sweet Words
Author: Natalie sheesusnat
Fandom: Hockey (RPS)
Pairing: Rostislav Klesla/Rick Nash
Rating: R, bordering on NC-17, I suppose.
Author's note: In Rostislav's P.O.V. Dedicated to James (maniaco) and Jess (arami).
Disclaimer: Completely untrue, purely fictional. The
characters are not mine, they are real people, and I
didn't even have permission to use the song, which,
also, is not mine. This is all just for fun, folks.

End of the day
The hour hand has spun
Before the night is done
I just have to hear
Those sweet words
Spoken like a melody
- Norah Jones, "Those Sweet Words"

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Compliment--Brenda--Actor RPS--Matt Damon/Ben Affleck [21 Jun 2004|06:50am]
Title: Compliment
Author: Brenda
Pairing: Matt Damon/Ben Affleck
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ben just wants some sincerity. Is that too much to ask?
Website: Broadwriting
Feedback: Yes, please.
Disclaimer: Never happened
Notes: For the post_coital fic challenge. Because the snarkiness should be loved. Especially with those two. *grins*

“Yeah there's something I was kicking around
Somethin' you said”

-- Jett

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